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The Civil Guard continues to search for the remains of Marta Calvo in a landfill three months later – Health Insurance





The Civil Guard continues to look for possible remains of the young woman Marta Calvo in the landfill of Dos Aguas (Valencia) within the framework of an operation that contemplates the inspection of a wide perimeter of semi-buried garbage when about three months after the disappearance of this 25-year-old girl.

As sources of this body have explained to EFE, the young woman’s search has been concentrated in these facilities since last December 12 with the participation of several agents equipped with rakes and the collaboration of trained dogs in the location of human remains.

«Unfortunately we continue without news, it is what anguishes the family the most. We wait for something to come out take a turn on this situation, which allows the family to close one chapter and address the next one, ”laments Marta’s mother’s family spokesman, Mariano Navarro.

Las Provincias newspaper publishes on Monday that the author’s defense confessed to the disappearance of Marta Calvo, Jorge Palma, 38, has asked the judge to instruct the case that authorizes a toxicological analysis and a psychiatric report of the suspect, in order to determine if high cocaine intake could cause a psychotic outbreak.

The usefulness of these experts has been questioned by the spokesman of the victim’s maternal family, Mariano Navarro-psychologist- who warns that Marta’s violent disappearance occurred three months ago and that it would be difficult to assess that possible outbreak in the present.

The last thing his relatives knew about Marta Calvo, a native of Estivella (Valencia), was that on November 7 he went to Manuel, a small town in the interior of this province, for a date with a man.

Two days later, his mother appeared in the defendant’s home, where he was led by the last communication he had with his daughter, a WhatsApp message with that location. The alleged perpetrator of the crime told him that he did not know her.

The facts were reported on November 9, but according to the Civil Guard itself, until several days later The search for the remains did not begin.

Image of Jorge Palma leaving Manuel’s house after carrying out an analysis of the place – ROBER SOLSONA

The suspect, who surrendered on December 4, said Marta’s death was due to an accident caused by a cexcessive cocaine use and that he, upon discovering what happened, dismembered the body and threw the remains in containers of neighboring towns.

Three women have reported to the security forces that they suffered a situation of sexual practices and cocaine use – calls «White parties»– similar to what Marta Calvo could suffer.

To them is added the case of a prostitute of Brazilian origin who died last April in the Valencian neighborhood of Russafa, for which the suspect of Marta’s death was already arrested. The judge of the case has decided to reopen it.

Jorge Palma was arrested and investigated by the National Police in connection with this death. Several security cameras recorded the image of this 38-year-old Colombian accessing and leaving the home where he was cited with the deceased.

The National Police also investigates the death of a sixth woman, another prostitute, who died in June also in the Russafa neighborhood, apparently due to cocaine overdose after having had relations with a client, so that her identity is investigated.