Insurance for Dogs

the campaign that wants to end the abandonment of pets at Christmas – Health Insurance




There are social issues in which we all agree to a lesser or greater extent; We want to live a responsible life and be respectful of others under the well-known motto « Our rights begin where those of others end. » But why don’t we apply this ethic when deciding to give an animal? « 

Buying a future pet as if it were a toy is to continue ignoring the alarming situation in which the over 140,000 dogs and cats abandoned year after year in this country, according to the Abandonment and Adoption Study 2018, Affitnity Foundation. 40% of these animals have come to homes as a gift, most end up abandoned or mistreated. Meanwhile, the volunteers of the protectors face their difficult situation with impotence and demand a real change in social consciousness.

With the #NoSoyUnJuguete campaign that is launched during the months of November and December on Instagram, Vivadogs seeks raise awareness against animal abandonment that suffers a serious increase after the Christmas holidays; They ask to give with responsibility. In this campaign, Vivadogs, thanks to the collaboration with Zooplus, will convert every photo uploaded to Instagram with #NoSoyUnJuguete @vivadogs_es in food. Donations will be delivered to five protectors spread throughout Spain: Amigos del Perro, APAD, SOS Vitoria, Galgos & Podencos and Amibichos. Faces known as Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Sofía Suescun, Sara Escudero, Víctor Palmero, Nuria Bermúdez or the influencers agency Idoly Agency have already participated in this initiative.

Vivadogs is a Madrid start-up dedicated to dog love that sends its members every month a select box full of the best and most original products: from dog champagne to the most innovative and chic shampoo on the market. A little less time ago they decided to open their hearts also to cats with: Vivacats, because we all ask ourselves that affectionate question: are you more of dogs or cats? A young, dynamic and passionate team by animals constantly seeks the most innovative products around the world.

Beyond the initiative of #NoSoyUnJueguete, this immense dedication to animals is in the DNA of the company. Vivadogs donate 15% of your benefit every month to different protectors, associations and shelters.