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the 10 most common diseases in dogs – Insurance for dogs

Like their owner, these animals, like others, can contract certain ailments. Whether benign or deadly, the reflex is to quickly bend over it in order to preserve the well-being of your animal. Among these, we find diseases very similar or even identical to those of humans such as tetanus, cystitis or kidney failure. Discover the 10 diseases most likely to be caught by dogs.

Think about your dog’s diet!

We tend to feed our dogs food that we think is good for their health. However, be aware that some are far more dangerous than others! For example :

  • Cherries, peaches, plums and apricots: these small fruits which we are particularly fond of in the summer season are harmful to dogs since they contain cyanogenic glycosides, a vegetable toxin causing intoxication or breathing difficulties
  • Fish and raw meats: certain animal proteins like fish and meats are not healthy for the dog because it can be contaminated by a parasite contained in a piece which would come to be ingested
  • Potato : although not fatal for dogs, potatoes are not the most digestible food for your pet. Prefer other vegetables such as carrots or zucchini
  • The pits and pips: just like cherries or peaches, the ingestion of pits and seeds will release cyanogenic glycosides, dangerous for your dog
  • Sweet drinks: we no longer present them, and for good reason: they have the same consequences for dogs as for humans (rapid weight gain, diabetes, cavities …)

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