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Have you believed, all your life, that each year of a dog’s life is worth 7 of a human? If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, you could be wrong.

Yes, a study by a group of scientists from a university in the United States asserts that the calculation to compare the age and development between dogs and people would be much broader than the one that has been implemented for so long.

The investigation

Trey Ideker, from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), was the leader of the job. Other institutions also participated in it, such as the Human Genome Research Institute and the University of Pittsburgh, among others.

The research was carried out for 16 years, at which time DNA samples were collected from 104 dogs of the Labrador Retriever breed, both from puppies and from animals and adults.

These data were compared with those of 320 humans, between 1 and 103 years.

The objective of the research group was clear: to analyze, genetically, how both species aged.

« What the scientists were looking for were similarities in the methylomas between dogs and humans and they discovered that DNA profiles evolved in a similar way throughout their lives, » said the Washington Post.

It should be clarified that, according to the New Scientist magazine, in which the study was published, « Methylomas a set of chemical changes in genes that fluctuate throughout life. »

Compared to humans, dogs age faster at first, reaching the equivalent of human middle age after only a few years

The conclusions

New Scientist said scientists « discovered that, compared to humans, dogs age faster at first, reaching the equivalent of human middle age after only a few years. »

What does this mean? That one year of a dog’s life is 30 years of a human and two years of dogs are 40 in humans.

Of course, the scientific publication said that the aging of animals « gradually decreases in the next 10 years, accumulating two decades of human changes. »

So, the expert Ideker explained that « Four years of dogs’ lives would equal 50 human years and 9, 60 in humans. »

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