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The purposes of the new year and the goals that challenge us to be better and to be healthy should also involve the furry friends of the house.

It is time to pay attention to the basic care that must be taken with them to start 2020. The first is obviously a visit to the veterinarian to make controls, knowing that they are up to date on vaccines, deworming, ideal weight, among others.

Veterinary doctor and ethologist Carolina Alaguna says that “after the holiday season, people have left, some have left their pets in nurseries, others have taken them for a walk. Therefore it is advisable to keep in mind that changes in water, weather and routines can affect your health« 

It is important to check the good condition of your everyday objects, such as dishes and toys, and take care that your bed is clean

Just as we tidy up and clean the house to start the year, let’s do the same with the spaces of our pets. It is important to check the good condition of your everyday objects, such as dishes and toys, and make sure your bed is clean. Here, some aspects to take into account.

Daily exercise, without fail

It is a habit that should never be neglected. According to Jorge Gallego, veterinarian of the University of Antioquia, Dogs need half an hour of exercise in the morning and at night, and take them out three times a day; and cats, at the same time, but inside the house and with toys and their gym.

The ethologist Alaguna recommends spending time, choosing a nursery well if we cannot take care of them during the day, looking for parks and pet friendly places to take them.

You can also do sports with them, such as agility or canicross. “There are groups that promote activities with pets on weekends. For example, Criollo Patch organizes dog walks and masters to interesting sites, ”says Alaguna.

Parasites, inside and outside

The First, the veterinarian will perform a coprologic exam to find out exactly what parasites you may have. Then a good bath should come with products indicated by the veterinarian and, the following week, proceed to external deworming (for fleas and ticks), with products that are applied on the back.

For internal parasites, the veterinarian will indicate a treatment (there are products that are repeated more frequently and others that are given every four months).

It is important to be aware of possible parasites both inside and outside the animal. Dogs can be wormed after 45 days of birth, recommends Alaguna.

Vaccines, on time

It is key to have a card with the vaccination chart since they are puppies. In the case of dogs, parvovirus, coronavirus and distemper vaccines, beginning at 45 days of age. After two months, it is important to apply polyvalent hepatitis and, later, rabies. Then the vaccination schedule should be followed.

For cats, the most important are rabies and triple feline, which are placed after two months, with reinforcement at 20 days, and should be followed as directed by the veterinarian.

« When they are 6 months old, they are tested for AIDS and leukemia; if it turns out negative, it is vaccinated against leukemia”, Explains Gallego. It is important to know that revaccination should generally be annual.

The teeth and their signals

The teeth give indications of possible diseases. It is important to be aware of the color of the gums (especially in cats). The pet should be taken to the veterinarian if difficulties or pain are discovered while chewing.

Gallego says that to prevent this type of problem, you should avoid giving them homemade food, looking for a good concentrate and providing toys that can bite, as well as prophylaxis once a year.

Shiny and healthy hair

As with teeth, hair is an indicator of health in animals. This is stated by Jorge Gallego, emergency director of small animals at the University of Antioquia.

They have cycles in which they change their hair and sometimes they fall out of situations that cause them stress.

Pet hair should be shiny, and for that it is important to give them good food and good brushing care.

“You don’t always have to worry if your hair falls out, this is a natural process and sometimes it gets worse if the animals have stress. They have cycles in which they change their hair and sometimes they fall out of situations that cause them stress, ”says Gallego. If you fall a lot, you have to consult.