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Six people charged in Zaragoza, La Muela and Pina for amputating dogs – Health Insurance

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Agents of the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard have imputed to six people in the province of Zaragoza for crimes of animal abuse. All of them are held responsible for brutal amputations performed at Doberman dogs, to those who know cut ears and tail because, supposedly, that gives these specimens a greater aesthetic value.

The operation, called «Tristo», began in June 2019 and has now been terminated. The Civil Guard Seprona was on the trail of people dedicated to such practices and the investigations led them to a total of six people in the province of Zaragoza. They all owned Doberman dogs with that kind of amputations.

It is a neighbor of La Muela, four of Zaragoza capital – three men and a woman – and a resident of Pina de Ebro. All of them are charged with the commission of an offense of animal abuse, except for the person involved in La Muela, which the Civil Guard considers responsible for two crimes of which two other dogs were victims.

Civil Guard sources have indicated that such amputations, in addition to being illegal, cause “serious damage to the animals that suffer them, by exposing them to unnecessary pain and in some they can cause death, when practiced in most occasions by unskilled people and in unsupported facilities for this type of surgery ».

In addition to being charged for the commission of crimes of animal abuse, those involved have also received administrative complaints for violating various precepts of the Autonomous Law of Animal Protection of Aragon.