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Several stray dogs sneak into the operating room of an Indian hospital and kill a newborn – Health Insurance




Indian police have closed a private hospital in the country and accused the staff of involuntary manslaughter after a newborn baby has been killed for stray dogs while in the operating room, reports « The Guardian. »

The dogs sneaked into the hospital through a window and began attacking the baby, who was only three hours old. When relatives began to hear the barking the newborn already he had wounds all over his body. Agents now await an autopsy confirming the exact cause of death.

« The family claimed that the baby was left unattended inside the operating room, with the windows open, which led to the attack« Said Ved Prakash Panday, the agent in charge of the investigation. « We are waiting for the autopsy to be able to carry out the detentions for death. »

The family said Akash Ganga hospital employees told them at the beginning that the baby was born already dead, and when they were told that it was not true, they were offered money to keep the matter a secret.

Authorities also said the hospital was not licensed, so they could face harsh penalties for operating illegally.