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Sentenced to thirteen months in jail for mistreating 40 dogs on a ship in Zamora – Health Insurance





The Zamora Criminal Court , has condemned a man whose identity responds to the initials J.G.M. thirteen months in jail and to compensate the protective animal Scooby with 3,000 euros for mistreating 40 dogs in a ship located in San Pedro de la Nave-Almendra (Zamora).

The sentence also includes the disqualification of the right of passive suffrage of the convicted person, and the prohibition of the exercise of any profession, trade or trade related to the possession of animals during the next four years.

The events date back to 2016, when the now convicted moved to a ruined livestock ship located in San Pedro de la Nave-Almendra at least 40 dogs that I used illegally as realas and those that were kept locked up without hygienic-sanitary conditions of food or water, which put the integrity of the dogs at risk.

According to the proven facts, the facilities were in a precarious state and of total ruin, and were not suitable for any use. The roof was collapsed on the ground and among its rubble lived the dogs without supply of running water or light. In addition, the space was full of wood, iron, excrement, waste, waste and garbage on which the animals roamed and lived.

The civil Guard discovered the situation in which dogs lived in June 2018. On the ship, agents found 39 dogs alive and one deceased who was being eaten by the rest. According to the report, the dogs were subjected to very high temperatures, were dehydrated, malnourished and full of parasites. In addition, in another area of ​​the building, four locked prey dogs and four puppies exposed to the sun appeared, without water or food.

The dogs were transferred to the facilities of the protective Scooby, located in Medina del Campo, where they have lived to date.