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San Perrestre vindicates against animal abuse | Radio Madrid – Health Insurance

The ninth edition of the San Perrestre has acquired the claim motto ‘Can not be’. The more than 400 participants, in addition to enjoying a morning walk with their animals, have wanted to request tougher and fair legislation Against animal abuse. Nacho Paunero, president of the El Refugio association, says that « what cannot be is that a person who mistreats a dog to death does not enter jail. »

The event has not had a competitive nature, as is usual in San Silvestre races, but has consisted of a Christmas walk through the center of the capital. The participants have walked along the Paseo del Prado, the Carrera de Sán Jerónimo, have arrived at the Plaza Mayor and have returned at the beginning of the tour, the Plaza de Cibeles.

The march has stopped at the Congress of Deputies, where a banner has been displayed where the claim motto could be read. It has also been read a manifesto requesting tougher penalties against animal abuse. There, Nacho Paunero has addressed the rest with a megaphone: “We feel with great pain and indignation that this cannot be. We got the zero sacrifice, we got the dogs to enter the Madrid Metro and this We will get it« 

The San Perrestre, which has toured the center of Madrid, has finished in the Plaza de Cibeles with a festive atmosphere. There, the participants have eaten the pre-grapes Y the dogs have also fired the year with 12 feed balls.