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Rescued in Murcia to an emaciated bitch and about to die – Health Insurance





Although now Matilda, a female Spanish greyhound dog, lives happily with her adoptive family, she was found in August in some appalling conditions in Murcia. The animal was malnourished, crying constantly in pain and on the verge of death when she was rescued.

Those who found her quickly contacted Tina Solera, the founder and president of the organization Greyhounds of the Sun Animal Rescue (specialized in the rescue of Spanish greyhounds), who came almost immediately to help the animal, according to 20 Minutes.

The bitch was lying on the side of the road and, out of fear, he tried to bite the people who found her. With the help of Solera and two other young people, they were able to transfer her to a center for her recovery.

There they discovered that the animal was covered with ticks and that it had fever. Fortunately, no animal bone was damaged or broken.

His recovery took months, but now the dog is completely healthy and happy, as seen in a video shared by Galgos del Sol Animal Rescue.