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Rescue in Alicante to 36 sick and overcrowded dogs in a 50-meter house – Health Insurance





The Canine Unit of the Local Police of Alicante has released and rescued 36 mongrel dogs that they were crammed inside a fifty-meter house, located on the avenue of Pintor Gastón Castelló in Alicante, and that they presented a poor state of health.

The rescue operation was initiated by the Canine Unit of the Local Police and Animal Protection officials, following a complaint by an individual for the inconvenience caused by dogs, the noise of barking and smells, and warned that dogs never left home, as reported by the City of Alicante.

Police officers located the house, opened proceedings against the owner and received authorization to access the property, about fifty meters of surface, where they found 36 mongrel dogs of small and medium size, in unhealthy conditions, who moved to the Municipal Shelter for their attention by the veterinary service.

The animals had ocular ulcers for not doing the cleaning, allergic dermatitis with skin problems, extremely long nails, and even a dog had a fracture in the untreated leg, and they were extremely scary due to a bad socialization.

In addition, one of the females had to be operated because there was no certainty that she could carry the pregnancy to term and she attended two puppies of just five days who still had their eyes closed, have indicated the same sources.

The Councilor for Security in the City of Alicante, José Ramón González, has reported that dogs can be adopted and has called on citizens to « call the Local Police or 112 and report when they suspect or have indications that animals are being mistreated for an investigation to begin. »

« The complaints are decisive when it comes to detecting and ending animal abuse, which is a crime, » Gonzalez added.