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Posters that threaten to poison dogs in Zabalgana | BE Vitoria – Health Insurance

During the last hours they have appeared in the neighborhood of Zabalgana A series of posters with an alarming message: « If your dog falls where he shouldn’t, he still eats what he doesn’t want ». This is what the papers that have been placed on the trunks of some trees together with bags with poisoned meat around it. The authors of this action are still unknown.

Labastida or Reina Sofía streets are some of the points in the neighborhood where these posters have been placed. Since Zabalgana Batuz, its president Zuriñe Lago, says that they had already received complaints about dog droppings that were not collected but consider this action as Very dangerous for both dogs and children.

“If a dog does his needs, the owner has to pick him up, but I don’t think it is an adequate way to say punish the owners of the dogs that do not, put poisoned meat so that the dog dies. It is not the way to educate or ask for education, ”said Zuriñe Lago.

From the ApaSOS Association have also alerted of this situation and say that it is an act that is usually repeated and do not understand it. Luis, one of his volunteers, describes him as irrational hooliganism: “It’s a total contradiction. Dog owners have to take responsibility for everything that has to do with our animals and be careful. But, to apply to this behavior a response as abrupt and as radical as this, because we do not understand it, is irrational. ”