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Police operation against illegal dog kennels | Radio Madrid – Health Insurance

The National Police has dismantled two illegal chihuahuas hatcheries in Madrid, in the towns of Meco and Arganda del Rey, and has rescued 270 animals. The operation has been fully developed in the Community of Madrid and has resulted in five detainees, including two veterinarians who contributed health cards, medicines and instruments to this illegal activity and a computer scientist in charge of the commercial strategy through the Internet.

The animals had been mistreated, they had been cut off vocal cords to prevent their barking from alerting to the neighbors of the activity of these hatcheries. Agents have found two dead and frozen offspring, wrapped in newspaper.

This criminal organization worked from three areas: a breeding area, another for sale and another place dedicated to animals ready to breed. The main provider the farm was in Arganda, where 258 dogs were rescued, there were also subdelegations Y ID cards scattered throughout Spain.

The investigations began a year ago, in January 2019, when a chalet located in dumb and 12 dogs were rescued. From that point on, police officers started the operation until they found Arganda’s home today.

It is estimated that this organization has been acting Since 1990, has discharged 1,400 dogs in the Royal Canine Society of Spain to give the appearance of legality and sell them more expensive, and may have obtained more than 2 million euros. The sale price of chichuahas ranges between 1,300 and 3,000 euros.

The animals are now in the custody of several Animal protectors and awaiting the judicial resolution, which will dictate about its destiny. Detainees are accused of crimes of animal abuse, belonging to criminal organization Y forgery documentary.