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«Perrichristmas» and be careful what our pets eat – Health Insurance





Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have passed, however, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinners and the arrival of guests home so common these days they are a real challenge for your gluttony … there is still New Year’s Eve. Vomiting is one of the most frequent digestive problems that dogs and cats have at some time in their lives, but this holiday is when they happen most often.

The main causes of this disorder are mainly – according to veterinarians consulted – the alterations of their habitual diet, the ingestion of irritating substances for the stomach or also the presence of foreign bodies. Our advice is that when visitors arrive, warn them not to offer them nougat pieces or dinner food. Fatty or spicy foods can cause vomiting and diarrhea and may even induce inflammation of the pancreas.. The bones of birds and other animals – the typical chops – can be split and produced from lesions in the mouth to perforations in the esophagus. Sweets – not only on these dates – are not good at any time of the year.

Chocolate, a typical ingredient in some Christmas sweets, is toxic to dogs. The Christmas star dishes are not recommended for the dog’s health. Shellfish shells can cause stomach upset. Lamb meat is very indigestible and heavy and causes serious ailments. In addition, dogs need to drink very little salt. With the amount they ingest with their usual feed is enough since otherwise they may have serious heart problems. If you want to surprise them with something special, there are a number of special products on the market – familiarly known as prizes or sweets – with chicken or salmon flavors. They can be given; but not in excess.

Eye with Christmas decorations

This « turronitis » is not only due to the intake of food not indicated for our pets, we must also be very careful with ribbons, tinsels and other Christmas decorations. As a prevention, nothing should be left lying on the ground or within reach of them. When the inevitable happens and our pet vomits, most of the time it is solved by keeping the animal fasting for eight to ten hours and then gradually introducing the water in small quantities. If you stop vomiting you can start offering a soft or soft diet with which your delicate stomach returns to normal transit. This symptomatology is not always associated with a serious health problem, but it should not be taken lightly and requires control of the animal until the symptoms disappear. We recommend that you do not use medications that cut vomit without first checking with the veterinarian in this case and all those related to the health of your pets.

Recommendations in case of impasse

– The animal must be fasted (8-10 hours)

– It is not necessary to restrict the water in excess since it can cause dehydration

– If vomiting is controlled, the water must be introduced gradually

– The food starts offering the animal a third of the amount it normally takes to subsequently increase the amount, so for a week.

– The diet must be very digestible.

– On the market there are dry and canned products for these cases; but if we opt for a homemade diet it is recommended: boiled white rice along with chicken or fish and you can even add pieces of fresh cheese.

– To help recovery provide the animal with a quiet environment avoiding excessive heat or cold.

-Avoid excessive exercise until fully recovered

Solidarity time

Barkyn, the brand dedicated to delivering happiness to families with pets, has developed Barkyn Smile, a latest initiative for this 2019 that consists of donating half a million rations to dogs from registered and legalized associations with active adoption programs. The campaign aims to provide 25 tons of food throughout 2020 through the involvement of the digital community in the 3 countries in which it operates (Portugal, Spain and Italy). According to the company’s CEO, André Jordão, the program will fill the bowls of 5,400 dogs: «We created Barkyn with the mission of bringing happiness to as many dogs as possible. Feeding dogs without families is a great challenge for associations, and even an impediment to giving them the necessary conditions to have a better life. With this initiative we can make 450 happy dogs every month ».

With this campaign, Barkyn also seeks to raise awareness about the abandonment of pets, especially during dates when pets are usually given away. This solidarity program has started at Christmas, but it will help homeless dogs throughout the year. In the words of André Jordão, the meaning of the campaign goes beyond the donation of food: « It is the promotion of work and the dedication of dozens of volunteers who, often without support, continue to tirelessly help needy dogs. » In this initiative, the Barkyn community has one of the most important roles: to name, by email or social networks, the associations they propose to support. The list of 48 shelters among the 3 countries, 12 of them Spanish, will be published on the brand’s website in early 2020.