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Pérez Reverte asks for «volunteers» to inflict on the Chantada hunter the damage suffered by the beaten dog – Health Insurance





The viral video in which a Chantada hunter was seen brutally hitting and shooting this bitch last weekend has generated a stir in social networks and especially among the users of the most meaningful ones with the defense of animals . Among them, the journalist and writer Arturo Pérez Reverte, a recognized defender of animal welfare, who has hit this hunter hard, whose acts are being investigated by a court in this town of Lucía.

In his first publication on this subject, Pérez Reverte wondered if « there would be volunteers » to infringe the hunter the same damage and suffering that this had caused to the dog, who died hours later because of the wounds. More than ten thousand people have shared the writer’s tweet.

The next day, Arturo Pérez Reverte went a little further and held the laxity of the Spanish legislation responsible for this type of events continuing to occur.

«Eighteen months (which will not meet) you can fall to this miserable, at most», lamented the writer, who blamed « the scope of Spanish laws on animal welfare, and that indifferent crowd, politicians, who does nothing to harden them. »

In his statement before the Civil Guard, this neighbor of Chantada would have admitted “that he shot the animal with a shotgun since it appeared about fifteen days ago in the area and that, in addition, in a nearby shed of his property was a litter of puppies », As reported by the shelter El Refugio. The puppies are in perfect condition, attended by a host family.

Chantada’s neighbor, who is a hunter, faces multiple complaints. The Superior Prosecutor’s Office of Galicia has appeared as a public prosecution in the case. The shelter El Refugio, in Madrid, has also done so. Other entities such as Mundo Vivo or the animalist party Pacma have announced their decision to appear, as well as the College of Veterinarians of Lugo.

Surge of reactions

The outrage expressed by Pérez Reverte on the social network Twitter has not been the only one that has resonated these days. Crowds of familiar faces, from politics to cinema or television have spoken to denounce what happened and demand, through the platform, that justice be done. So far they have more than 22,000 signatures. On the website of the Pacma animal party, the rubrics have exceeded 50,000 in just five days.

Among the tweeters who have spoken are the Ferrolano singer-songwriter Andrés Suárez, the actress Anabel Alonso, the journalist Antonio Naranjo or the socialist deputy José Zaragoza. Other familiar faces have chosen to retweet the messages of the Pacma, as for example did Dani Rovira, one of the public figures most committed to animal welfare.