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Palma de Mallorca will allow dogs to travel on all bus lines – Health Insurance





The City Council of Palma has approved this Friday, unanimously, a PP proposal for pets to travel on all EMT bus lines from the Balearic capital. This initiative will begin to be implemented progressively and will be a full reality in the first quarter of 2022. Currently, dogs are only allowed to climb in seven of the twenty-nine lines of the EMT.

It should be remembered that in this mandate, a tripartite conformed by the PSOE, United Podemos and MÉS governs in the City Council of Palma. The mayor is the socialist José Hila. In the opposition are the PP, Vox and Cs. The initial purpose of the PP was that Your proposal on pets could be fully implemented next year, although the popular have finally accepted an amendment from the government team so that this initiative is carried out in a phased manner.

With strap and muzzle

Official sources of the Palmesano consistory have explained to ABC that at present dogs should always wear a strap and muzzle when they get on a municipal bus. Pet owners they must also pay 0.30 cents per trip. Both circumstances will remain unchanged when the aforementioned proposal, presented and approved by the Urban Planning and Environment Commission, begins to be implemented. «This measure allows us to continue moving towards a friendlier and more accessible palm for all those who inhabit it», Said the popular councilor Lydia Pérez.

In the case of very small dogs, the session did already allow them to travel on the different lines of the EMT, but always inside a carrier. In this specific case, they did not have to pay any tickets.