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Our advice to prepare your pet for deconfinement – Insurance for dogs

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Our pets have been used to spending all their time with us for two months. Here are our tips to help them cope better with deconfinement.

  • Get your animal used to loneliness

Within two months, our pets have grown accustomed to the continued presence of their owners, and may suffer from future separation. It is therefore important to start again, gradually, to get your animal used to loneliness. If the latter requests too much of you, do not hesitate to establish distance again. For example, by playing less with your dog or by preventing your cat from bothering you when you are at work.

The cat, an independent animal, should be rather happy to reclaim its territory, but the dog could suffer more from the situation. Indeed, the latter must relearn to stay alone, without barking without stopping, or damaging the furniture.

First of all, you can start by no longer allowing your fur ball to follow you around the house. Then, it is recommended to be absent by periods, gradually increasing the duration (15, 30 minutes then 1 hour). Separations must be done simply: departures and returns must be considered natural.

  • Readjust the number of walks

When confining, taking out your pet was a real escape for the dog owners, who had been numerous to increase their number of daily walks. A study by Invoxia thus revealed that walks with doggies jumped 40% in April.

The dog could therefore find himself disturbed and suffer from a reduction in his daily outings. It is therefore advisable to gradually return to an ordinary rhythm of walks, to descend gradually to the same number as before confinement. To help him get used to it, it is possible at the outset to replace the outings with small games.

  • Should you put a protective mask on your dog?

While the wearing of the mask is recommended, even compulsory in public transport in humans, during deconfinement, the question of its usefulness for pets arises. Indeed, the potential transmissibility of the new coronavirus to animals worries and models of protective masks for dogs abound on the Internet.

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However, veterinarians are formal, having your dog wear a mask is not necessary, and can even be dangerous. « I do not recommend the use of masks for pets. There is not enough traffic or space in these masks to ensure good ventilation (…) This is especially not good for flat-faced dogs, because restricting their airflow could be very dangerous, « said Dr. Bayley, veterinarian at Whasinghton.