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Going outside and walking the dog is an arduous task to Kevin Y Tiffany, a couple of Seattle (USA). Not because your pet is rude or fearful, but by the simple presence of the dog: it has a face that looks human. Noriof race Aussieppo, has almond eyes and an expression that gives the feeling that he smiles slightly, in a gesture that many consider adorable, although many others find it disturbing.

“When he was a puppy, his fur was much darker, and he was often compared to Chewbacca or a Ewok, which are Star Wars characters. We usually hear that it is their eyes that create the human gaze, and I agree. Nori is a mixture of Australian Shepard toy Y Toy poodle, and it often seems that he is smiling, ”says Tiffany to the Daily Mail, who along with his partner has decided to open an account for Instagram which is revolutionizing networks: some of his photos have up to 9.000 « Like. »

Nori poses for the camera – Instagram

According to its owners, Nori is « incredibly sweet and friendly, very energetic and playful. » So much that he even bothers his new partner, Boba, a Shorkie one year mix of Shih Tzu Y Yorkie That just came to the family.

Although it weighs less than 6 kilos, it attracts a lot of attention, and that Tiffany and Kevin say that as they get older, the dog gradually loses its human expression. « As a child we could not turn the corner without someone asking us about it, » says its owner, who allows anyone come to touch it, because he understands the expectation raised by his curious companion. « We knew it looked interesting, but we never imagined all the reactions we had. » Meanwhile, Nori seems to keep smiling.

As he ages, he loses human traits – Instagram