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No kidding: a dog chased a cat to a tree and firefighters had to rescue them both – Health Insurance

(CNN) – A classic story of rivalry between dogs and cats took a turn toward the ridiculous in Lathrop, California, when a German shepherd forced a black cat to climb a tree.

Then the dog took the chase to the tree.

The enthusiasm of the shepherd played tricks on him, as he quickly found himself trapped in the tree just a few meters from his feline enemy, who could not make any movement either.

The firemen who arrived soon discovered that they had to rescue not only a cat, but also a dog.

Even when helpful humans enlisted the stairs, the dog seemed to approach the discontented cat.

The Lathrop-Manteca District Firefighters posted photos of the painful experience on their Facebook page.

« We are glad to know that everything went well for this dog, and we are quite sure that he will think twice before chasing the cats to another tree … good job Machine 35! », Said the post.

But wait.

News about the dog and not a single mention of what happened to the cat? The dog even had a photo shoot after the rescue and there is no cat in sight.

Cat lovers would not accept it.

Firefighters posted an update on their Facebook page after receiving a shower of messages asking about the cat.

« While we don’t usually update or respond to comments, » the post said, « after seeing so much interest in cat welfare, we felt we had a responsibility to share the news. »

To the relief of cat lovers, it was reported that the cat was fine. Now you can save one of your nine lives for another day.