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More than 5,800 adoptions of dogs and cats in Madrid in 2019 – Health Insurance





Almost 6,000 dogs and cats – specifically 5,803 – have been adopted last year in the Madrid region. The Ministry of Environment, which directs Dove Martin, has presented a solidarity calendar that they have developed to raise awareness about abandonment and in favor of the adoption of pets in the region. In addition, the Autonomous Government is working on the development of a Strategy against Maltreatment and Abandonment of companion animals.

Officials and animals of the Community protectors are the protagonists of this solidarity calendar, of which they have been printed 2,800 copies of wall and 5,000 of table, which will be distributed through the participating protectors.

At present, the Ministry of Environment works in a Strategy against the Maltreatment and Abandonment of Pets, as well as in the Regulation of Development of the Law of Protection and Animal Welfare to guarantee the maximum protection to the animals that live in the region.

In the calendar they have collaborated the protectors Integral Center for Companion Animals of the Community of Madrid (CIAAM), National Association Friends of Animals (ANAA), Protective Society of Animals and Plants (SPAP), Saving Hairy, La Madrileña, Noah’s Ark, Animals with a New Heading (ACURN), National Association for the Integration and Coexistence of Animals (ANICA), Association for the Protection and Defense of Animals, Plants and the Environment of Leganés (PROA),, Association for Animal Liberation and Welfare ( ALBA) and The Animal Voice.

Between the « adopting » officialsThere are forestry agents, Bescam police, firefighters, professors, doctors, social workers, nurses, therapists, 112 and Madrid Metro staff, as well as researchers from IMIDRA and the Canal de Isabel II.

Counselor Paloma Martín highlighted the « infinite solidarity » of Madrid, who during 2019 have adopted 5,803 animals that were being cared for in shelters and shelters in the region, of which 3,046 were dogs and 2,757 cats.

To encourage adoption, the community celebrates each year in the Adoption Hall, in collaboration with the Official College of Veterinarians of Madrid. In addition, the Animal Welfare Commissioner has been created. And the regional government also has the Integral Center for Companion Animals of the Community of Madrid (Ciaam). Not only welcomes and takes care of animals, but also promotes its adoption and monitors it.

In 2019, 429 dogs were admitted to the Ciaam, of which 78 were identified and 351 unidentified. It should be noted that 361 dogs were adopted and 21 were collected by their owners. As for cats, 558 of which only 5 were identified were registered, and 234 were adopted.