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more than 200,000 deaths worldwide, downward trend in Europe – Insurance for dogs

In Turin (Italy), a banner was placed on a road on which one can read “Freedom, light as the wind, essential as life, resist! « , April 25, the anniversary of the Liberation of Italy. MASSIMO PINCA / REUTERS

The four European countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic posted Sunday’s daily death tolls in sharp decline, at a time when Europe is cautiously starting to break out of containment in the face of an epidemic which has already killed more than 200,000 people. in the world.

The relaxation of containment measures is becoming clearer in some countries, notably in Spain where children have the right to leave their homes after more than a month of strict confinement. Worldwide, there are, Sunday, April 26, more than 202,000 deaths from Covid-19, including almost 90% in Europe and the United States. In total, more than 2.9 million cases have been diagnosed in 193 countries and territories.

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  • The very strict containment set up in Spain could soon be relaxed

Europe remains the continent most affected by the disease with more than 122,000 deaths to date. In Spain, the pandemic left 288 dead between Saturday and Sunday, the lowest daily toll since March 20. It now stands at 23,190 dead in the country, which has paid the heaviest toll for the disease, behind the United States and Italy, but which is beginning to ease containment by letting the children out. The under 14s were able to take the air for the first time in six weeks Sunday, accompanied by an adult and for an hour maximum. Those over 14 can go out for reasons authorized by adults, such as going to buy food or taking out the dog.

Containment conditions could be relaxed in the country from May 2 if the epidemic continues to slow, Pedro Sanchez announced on Saturday evening. It would then be allowed to walk or play sports. The Prime Minister has also announced that he will present on Tuesday the Spanish deconfinement plan which he plans to launch from mid-May.

Families are walking on a boulevard in Barcelona (Spain), Sunday April 26, 2020, while children under 14 are allowed to go out for the first time in six weeks. Emilio Morenatti / AP

Among the other European countries most affected:

  • Italy, the most bereaved European country with 26,644 deaths, recorded Sunday 260 additional deaths from the virus, the lowest daily toll since March 14 (175 dead). Earlier in the day, the head of government, Giuseppe Conte, told the daily La Repubblica that the schools, closed since early March, would reopen in September. Conte also confirmed that the government was working on an Italian deconfinement plan to be announced « No later than early next week » and the reopening of industrial activities in the short term, from May 4.
  • The UK, 413 people infected with coronavirus died between Saturday and Sunday. This figure, the lowest since the end of March, marks a spectacular decrease since the day before, where 813 additional deaths had been recorded. But the figures communicated every day are very volatile and can take into account deaths that sometimes occurred well before. A total of 20,732 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported in the country. Premier Boris Johnson returns to business on Monday after being sick from Covid-19.
  • The daily assessment in Germany continues to decrease, according to data released Sunday by the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases. The country registers 140 new deaths, for a total of 5,640, and 154,175 cases of contamination.

As a proportion of the population, excluding micro-states, mortality is highest in Belgium (597 deaths per million inhabitants), ahead of Spain (490), Italy (436), France (346) and the United Kingdom (299). The United States (160) is far behind.

  • Nearly 2,500 dead in 24 hours in the United States

The United States recorded an additional 2,494 deaths in one day, according to a count published by the Johns Hopkins University on Saturday. This daily toll rose again, after being the lowest, in almost three weeks the day before (1,258 deaths). The country most mourning the pandemic in absolute terms, has a total of 53,511 deaths, and has recorded 936,293 confirmed infections since the onset of the disease.

On Saturday, after 50 press briefings in two months, the White House did not hold any. US President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday that his daily press conferences on the Covid-19 pandemic were not worth his time, two days after generating worldwide controversy over the appearance of treating the disease with disinfectant:

« What’s the point of having press conferences in the White House when the Media Oriented only asks hostile questions and then refuses to report the truth or the facts accurately? « 

« They have record audiences, and the American people are nothing but Fake News. It is not worth the time and effort! « 

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  • Beijing bans « uncivilized » behavior in China

The Beijing municipality announced on Sunday that it will ban from 1er June a series of behaviors judged « Uncivilized » to improve hygiene in public places. Sneezing, coughing without covering your nose or mouth, or not wearing a mask when sick is part of a new list of offenses in the Chinese capital. The new regulations also impose « Dress properly » and install markings for social distancing in public places.

China, the first country hit by Covid-19, officially records on its soil more than 82,000 infected people and 4,632 deaths. Eleven new cases were reported on Sunday.

Passers-by in front of a metro station in Beijing, China, April 23, 2020. GREG BAKER / AFP
  • WHO’s reservations on immunity

The WHO showered on Saturday the hopes of those who bet on a possible immunity of people who have been confronted with Covid-19, at a time when some countries are implementing programs of serological tests for deconfinement. The Italian government has thus announced the launch, from May 4, of the campaign on 150,000 people at the national level.

« There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from Covid-19 and who have antibodies are immune to a second infection », warned the World Health Organization, urging continued efforts as the threat of a second deadly wave still looms.

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  • Ramadan without collective prayers

A Muslim priest calls for evening prayer from the Jama Masjid Mosque, usually crowded during the holy month of Ramadan, in New Delhi (India), Saturday April 25, 2020. Manish Swarup / AP

The Muslim world started the Ramadan fasting month at the end of the week without collective prayers or shared meals: the doors of mosques remain closed and family gatherings are prohibited.

In Iran, where the disease killed 5,710 people (more than 90,000 cases), according to official figures, it started against a backdrop of an upsurge in the epidemic, two weeks after the start of the partial reopening shopping. According to Mohammad Mehdi Gouya, director of the department of infectious diseases at the ministry of health, certain provinces of the country observe a « New upsurge » of cases.

In Pakistan, the faithful rushed to mosques and markets to buy something to prepare for the breaking of the fast, ignoring health recommendations.

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