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A puppy at home – after long meditation – will bring many changes in the home. It is also essential to maintain a relaxed attitude to transmit it to the newcomer and prevent it from being stressed. One of the most recurring gifts is a puppy; But as we always say and do not get tired is that before incorporating an animal to the family nucleus and avoiding future problems is to seriously mediate the decision. We refer to the data and most of the dogs and cats abandoned in summer are those helpless puppies that came home as a Christmas gift. We must take into account how it will affect our daily lives, we must not forget that it is a member of the family. Make sure the home is right for him. Dogs – if they are well taken care of – are long-lived animals and can live up to 20 years… So, before adopting one, you have to be sure that throughout your life there will always be someone who can take care of it. It is essential to have time to devote to tasks such as: educating him, taking him for a walk, as well as being able to take care of him financially and making sure that all family members agree to incorporate the new member.

Adaptation period

On many occasions when dogs suffer a abrupt change in their lives They usually go through a period of adaptation. It is what happens not only to puppies; but also to those animals collected from an adoption center. They can be shown insecure and introverted, this can last several days; but little by little they will begin to show their true « perronality. » During this time you have to give some freedom to smell the environment, know it and get accustomed To his new home. Once these days have passed, the true education of the animal begins. To face it as we say you have to arm yourself with patience, time and perseverance. Training can be a complicated task during which it is important to remember that reward should be given over punishment. The canine scientist Joke Monteny from the hand of Edgard & Cooper, has made a list with a series of tips that can help any pet owner understand, educate and see the clearest things when offering a proper education.

Teach him to do his needs: When a female dog gives birth, she is responsible for stimulating litter feces and cleaning them. The puppies it takes about four weeks to learn to do it for themselves, but they are not yet able to control where and when they need it, so you have to try to teach them from the start. It is important to choose a suitable and accessible place, in which the puppy feels safe and calm.

Establish a schedule of meals and walks: Dogs usually do their needs after eating or during the walk, so if you feed him and always walk at the same time you can calculate better when he will have to go to be aware of it.

Set a series of rules: that the dog must comply and that all family members will also have to follow to avoid giving contradictory lessons.

Reward him, there are two main techniques to train a dog; classical training and positive training. Joke Monteny recommends following the latter, which differs from the first in that it focuses on the positive acts that the dog does and neglects the punishments. They can be rewarded by dedicating some affectionate words or giving them a snack: bars, sandwiches and strips of beef jerky, each one created as a result of a different concept and situation. In addition, none of them contain cereals and are available in three flavors; duck and chicken, beef and lamb and chicken and beef. The snacks, for example, are designed for the training and education of the dog, thanks to their small size they are perfect to reward them for their good behavior. On the other hand, the cecina strips were thought with the aim of pampering them, showing them a little love or simply giving them a whim that they surely deserve. And finally the bars, ideal to always carry on them, rich in protein, for those times when the dog needs an extra dose of energy. If the puppy has many mistakes, it may be appropriate to change the method or approach and teach it in another way, it should also be taken into account that stress and anxiety can also hinder the learning process. Do not forget that it is a slow process and that each puppy is different, you have to arm yourself with patience, time and energy, the puppy will thank you.

And finally, the most important thing, have fun with him. If the dog notices that training is boring for its owner, he will probably adopt the same attitude. Education and training involve moments that unite the dog with its owner and reinforce the bond between them, it is important to take advantage of them and enjoy the moment and time with the dog.