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Many « happy endings » at the Bioparc abandoned dog parade in Valencia – Health Insurance





This Sunday in the outer square of Bioparc Valencia and presented by the journalist Carolina Ferre, the Pre-Christmas Parade has taken place to adopt an abandoned dog Organized by the Bioparc Foundation and the AUPA protector.

Numerous audiences have witnessed this unique doggy « catwalk » in which an atmosphere of love and respect for animals was breathed and some families have made the decision to commit to the animal welfare of an abandoned dog. Dogs like Argo, the protagonist of the poster of this edition, Ivan, Liberty, Loren or Messi went out with their new human « pack » to their new home. Others like Dingo, Salome, Paloma or Patch had already been adopted before the parade. Many « happy endings » who have united these noble animals with their new families for life.

Image of Argo with his new family – ABC

It is worth mentioning the emotional aspects of some of the adoptions, such as the case of Nero who, after spending 9 of his 10 years in the shelter, today was his big day. Argo who, with less than two years, has already suffered two dropouts and was happy with his cheerful family. Or Mint, who came to the frightened and paralyzed protector on a part of the face and has been adopted by a family that already has other dogs and experience in similar cases. In addition, several dogs will be adopted the next few days, after the necessary reflection and conformity of all household members, as it must be orA consensus decision that involves many obligations and, likewise, great satisfactions.

In this beautiful morning there have been many moments of emotion, with those «Crosses of looks» who have stolen the heart of the people who have assumed the responsibility of adopting a dog and who were happy with their new « partner », knowing that it is already one of the house. Living with a dog transforms our vision towards the animal world, to love and respect it. They are generous, faithful and unconditional and never betray us. Therefore, it is very important to raise awareness that animals should not be given away as if they were objects and then abandoned.

This solidarity event born more than 7 years ago from two organizations committed to animal welfare AUPA (Adopt An Abandoned Dog) and BIOPARC Foundation. Since then, in each edition, volunteers from the shelter, people interested in adopting and families that have taken the step for years to come together, draw attention to the responsibility of having a companion animal and emphasize that adopting a dog and giving it That « second chance » and a home for life, is the best gift to make on these dates, as long as it is a completely thoughtful and consistent decision.