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Kuh Büxi, puppy Mojio, whale as a spy: THIS 2019 headlines were bizarre – Health Insurance

They make no contradictions, don’t start wars and keep making us smile:animals, In 2019, stories about numerous curious creatures went around the world again, many of them through social media. On Instagram, Facebook and Co., besides animals, mythical creatures such as unicorns are very popular and caused one or two headlines that made us smile.

Curious animal news: Dog puppy Narwhal grows a tail from the forehead

In this respect, the enthusiasm that the cute puppy Narwhal caused was not a surprise:Apparently a kind of horn or croissant grows from the forehead of the puppy. Animal rights activists found the pooch in the small US town of Jackson and named it after the narwhal, a whale with a horn on its forehead. As Responding to a Facebook post announced dozens of animal lovers who wanted to take Narwhal with them.

Surprise! Baby dog ​​born with green fur

A mysterious baby dog ​​was also born in Germany this year – however, this was not reminiscent of a unicorn, but of a goblin: The golden retriever puppy Mojito was born with green fur. A veterinarian explained the rare phenomenon with a substance that comes from the placenta of the mother animal.

In December it was said: The green one dog is white now! « Mojito » has – as expected – changed its color in the meantime, reports owner Joanna Justice. « From the third week, the fur was slowly getting lighter, and now » Mojito « can hardly be distinguished from its siblings. »

From kangaroo to cattle: Brushed animals made the headlines

Other animals made the headlines not because of their unusual appearance, but because of their location. In the Xanten area, for example, a kangaroo hopped around for about a month in autumn before a veterinarian was able to use a blowpipe to stun and capture the animal, which was named « Skippy » by rescue workers. The escape of cow « Büxi » in Lower Bavaria took significantly longer. In February, a retired police officer found the fugitive and stunned her with an arrow – it was towered in October 2017. Animal rights activists examined the well-fed cow and took it to a sanctuary.

In Wermelskirchen in the Rheinisch-Bergisches Kreis a mint green baby dog ​​was born in a litter of white golden retriever puppies, which was christened « Mojito ».
Image: Marcel Kusch / picture alliance / dpa

The most exotic animal runaway of the year was the Schleswig-Holsteiner Chantal – a good three meter long tiger python. The animal had used its free range in the garden of a family in the small town of Tornesch to break out – and reappeared four days later in the neighboring garden.

Rat is stuck in gully – animal rescue ensures a happy ending

Out of an environment that was actually normal for them, one acquired rat World fame in February:The rodent was so round in Bensheim in southern Hesse that one day it no longer fit through the holes in the gully cover and was stuck. In a photo of the rescue workers, the rat can be seen with its mouth wide open, as if crying for help. fire Department and animal rescue finally freed the obese animal from the predicament and ensured a happy ending to the story that went around the world.

Gully is doomed to ducklings and squirrels – but everything turned out well

The holes in the manhole cover, on the other hand, were too big for the offspring of an ENTENMAMA in Stahnsdorf near Potsdam. Five of her chicks tumbled through the holes in the gully. A passerby heard the little ones beeping and called the fire brigade, which saved the ducklings. In general, the entrances to the sewer system are often dangerous for animals: In June a squirrel got stuck in a manhole cover in Dortmund. The fire department transported the entire lid to a veterinary practice, where it could finally be freed.

Firefighters save sunken horse from pond

In numerous such cases, the fire brigade and police rescued animals from predicament in 2019 – but sometimes animals also helped the emergency services: In February, for example, a horse in southern Hesse helped, albeit by chance, the police to a successful investigation: the animal sank into a pool and made it it no longer out on its own. When firefighters called for help to free the horse, they came across several stolen weapons and ammunition.

Strange! Pigeon saves speeders from speed cameras

Other animals were not necessarily on the side of the law: a pigeon in Viersen protected a speedster from his punishment. The man drove through a thirties zone at 54 km / h in May and was flashed in the process. At the very moment of the shot, however, the pigeon flew in front of the camera with its wings spread wide, so that the driver’s face could not be recognized. The authorities could not prove the trip to the racer, which, according to the police, saved him a fine of 105 euros.

Weird animal news 2019: whale unmasked as Russian spy?

But this offense is trivial compared to the case of a whale that appeared in northern Norway in April – because there was treason here. Fischer had removed several belts from the beluga. The inscription « Equipment St. Petersburg » could be read on the bridle, and a holder for a camera was attached to a strap. The animal was also tame. Whale researchers speculated that the animal had been released from captivity by the Russian military. So should the Beluga spy on the Kremlin in Europe? The Russian military rejected this as nonsense – Russia only uses dolphins for war purposes.

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