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Kracken: from abandoned dog to firefighter dog | Pamplona Radio – Health Insurance

In just one month Kracken has gone from loneliness and abandonment to be adopted to exercise people search. This Belgian Malinois, approximately six months old, was abandoned and hosted at the Animal Care Center on January 2 of this 2020, and now it has been adopted by the rescue group of Firefighters of the Generalitat of Catalonia and EREC to receive training in search of people in Barcelona.

« Kracken is a very vital puppy, like good malinois. He is super affectionate, seeks contact and a good touch session. You need an adopter with time to play with him, go jogging, to the field, etc. Balanced and attentive. Participation in dog education courses is recommended. « This is described in its adoption form.

A description that was enough for the rescue group of the Firefighters of Catalonia to be interested in him and get in touch with the Animal Care Center.

One of the workers of the Animal Care Center itself is part of the Navarra Rescue Dog Group and participated in a course that was also attended by firefighters from the Generalitat. There a first contact was established from which he derived a visit to meet the dog, which finally ended up in the adoption.

Animal Care Center

The Animal Care Center currently has 25 dogs, plus a puppy of about four months and a litter of newborns border collie mix, to adopt. To them, others are added 5 cats in adoption and twenty more in reception.