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« Know me, I’m an assistance dog » | Pamplona Radio – Health Insurance

The Department of Social Rights has announced the initiative « Know me I’m an assistance dog », is the campaign to publicize the right of access and use of these pets for people with disability presented by the Government of Navarra together with Biak Bat.

A guide and a video explanatory for citizens to know how must behave With assistance dogs. This material becomes the only one that exists in Spain about the promotion of these habits.

Josune Azpíroz, Biak Bat psychologist and coordinator explains that « you have to behave with normal and respect. « Add that you have to ask always to the person if you can play To the animal or not.

This campaign aims to also know that the guide dog, which accompanies blind people, is just one of the 5 types of these assistance animals.

In Navarre any of these dogs has right to to access to any place or public transport, as dictated by the Foral Law of 2015. However, since Biak Bat claim that spread to the other communities, since it is the main problem they encounter when they travel.