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Kill your dog with slashes to fend off her bites – Health Insurance





A 40-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man were injured Monday after being bitten by a bitch of his property in a chalet in Manises (Valencia).

In the house there was also a three-year-old girl who did not suffer any injuries. The man, before the aggression of the animal, stabbed him in self defense and caused his death.

The events happened around 10:15 pm on Monday, at which time the emergency services received the incident notice and transferred an ambulance from the Basic Life Support (SVB) to the area.

Those affected presented several bites of the dog and received assistance from the sanitary team in the chalet, after which they were referred to the Hospital de Manises. According to hospital sources, both were treated and they were discharged.

The events happened in the Manises Dam area, in a place of scattered houses. In one of them, and for reasons that are unknown, the dog began to bite its owners, who were injured, and the man, in self-defense, stabbed the animal, which was killed.

The dog had no chip so it was not possible to specify its breed although, according to municipal sources, it was large and similar to a pit bull.