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Katrina, from abandonment to canine guide | Zaragoza Radio – Health Insurance

The Zaragoza National Police has adopted Katrina, a mongrel female puppy of Pastor Malinois who was abandoned last October next to a post and that ended shortly after in the Municipal Animal Protection Center of Zaragoza.

According to the Directorate General of Police, the puppy evolution in the subsequent weeks He took the center veterinarian to contact the canine guide service of the Zaragoza police station to inform about qualities that the dog gathered to be part of that unit.

After observing Katrina’s behavior for a few minutes, the displaced agents to the municipal protector « They did not hesitate for a moment » and they asked the responsible of the service for the provisional transfer of the animal for fifteen days to verify their adaptation to the required police service.

The adaptation from the puppy to the service not only it was immediate it allowed police officers to check all aptitudes He had to develop his new routine.

« With a optimal socialization before other dogs and humans, the predisposition for to play and, consequently, to to work, and onelate smell, the aforementioned animal more than fulfilled the essence of a aspiring canine guide of the National Police. « 

With the adoption of Katrina, name with which the puppy has been baptized, the police officers wanted to give the animal « one more than deserved second chance, after being abandoned with few months of life. «