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Is it beneficial to take our dog to the office? – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte




For some time this part has increased the tendency to allow entrance of dogs to asylums, schools and even to prisons. In addition, in Spain following the example of other countries, some companies – especially from the private sector – have decided to allow animals to accompany them in their workday.

These « Pet Friendly » areas seem to help reduce anxiety and at the same time increase employee welfare levels. For a while Nestlé Purina under the slogan « Together life is better » launched the initiative to support the campaign to raise awareness for companies to open their doors to the presence of pets in work areas.

ABC has spoken with Kerstin Schmeiduch, director of corporate communication and legal affairs at Nestlé Purina Petcare Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and a member of the Board of Directors of the brand in Germany. He says that «we have been enjoying dog company for more than 15 years in the more than 19 offices that our brand has in Europe. Therefore, we know that having « dog friendly » workplaces has a very positive effect in workers: both in their mental and physical health. In addition, we have the necessary experience to help other companies in the implementation of our Pets at work »program.

It must be recognized that this initiative may have different motivations or reluctance in companies when it comes to wanting to join this. In the words of Kerstin Schmeiduch «more and more people show interest for the benefits that pets bring in the workplace. This is stated by an independent study conducted by IPSOS and commissioned by Purina in eight countries in Europe. This reveals that 74 percent of Spanish employees – and 68 percent of Europeans – would take their pets to work if they were allowed to do so ».

If we talk about the spanish millennials« The figure goes up, since 83 percent would take them with them to work. » Regarding the reluctance, Kerstin Schmeiduch comments, «the fear of dogs that some employees express, the belief that an office with dogs is a noisy and / or dirty workplace and, finally, the difficulties that many companies they find when obtaining the approval of the owner of the building where the company is located ».

Business support

Through the Pets at Work Alliance, in Purina they support companies by providing them expert help –For example, with the evaluation that dogs must pass in order to join the Pets at Work program- as well as a “toolkit” that includes health and safety advice, responsible pet ownership guidelines, guidance on the requirements of the workspace .

To date, they comment, they have not had any notable problems. Thanks to the evaluation made to dogs, we guarantee safety and hygiene in the offices. In addition, the owners also ensure that their pets go for walks with the appropriate periodicity.