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Instagram: Florian David Fitz: His dog steals the show from him – Health Insurance

Florian David Fitz (45, “100 things”) reports shortly before the turn of the year with a video from his Instagram subscribers, The actor jumps into the sea dressed in swimming trunks from a cliff. His dog However, Elmo steals the show: The small, white four-legged friend boldly jumps after his master.

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The actor only notices in the water that Elmo has followed him. “Are you with me?” Fitz can be heard surprised saying in the clip. The 45-year-old comments on the video with the words: “My dog ​​is spinning.”

Fitz fans love Elmo

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Florian David Fitz regularly posts cute pictures and videos of his four-legged friend. His followers are enthusiastic about the little rascal and describe him as “brave”, “great” and “sweet” in the comments of the new post. A fan certifies “True Love”. A fan wishes that Elmo should also appear in a film.

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