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In the Philippines, no mercy for the refractory to containment – Insurance for dogs

In a dog cage, five people, including two minors, were arrestedes in the Philippines for failing to comply with the containment established because of the coronavirus pandemic which left 800 dead. The refractories are forced to wander the streets of a city not far from the capital, with a coffin on their back. A deliberately degrading and humiliating method.

The Philippines is the most severely affected country in Southeast Asia by coronavirus, and authorities say they want to make an impression. Police made 38,000 arrests in a few days. They are people accused of not respecting confinement or social distancing. These methods were directly inspired by President Rodrigo Duterte: « I would not hesitate to ask the soldiers to shoot, the police to arrest you and imprison you.« Human rights organizations are calling for a more humane and, above all, less violent approach. In the capital Manila, 40% of the population lives in slums.