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In Pennsylvania, Caldas, alarms are set for death of dogs due to poisoning – Other Cities – Colombia – Health Insurance

Much concern is expressed by the citizens of Pennsylvania, a municipality in eastern Caldas, due to the massive poisoning of canines that have been recorded since the end of last year. According to animalists in the municipality, there are already 24 and all have died with the same symptoms.

“We began to see that, later, the cases were more followed and the puppies ran and ended up rolling on the floor. That, besides being in the same areas, ”said Laura Agudelo, a member of the Animalistas de Corazón Foundation.

The volunteer said that the poisonings have been systematic and have affected not only the dogs that live on the streets, but several domestic ones. « It is the custom of peoples to release them from the morning and they go to the house to eat and sleep, but now they do not return, » he said.

Among the dogs that have died are –even– ‘icons’ of the municipality. This is the case of Logan Orión, an adopted dog who claims that « he was a friend of all the inhabitants of the town. »

« They had an owner and everyone loved them, so you don’t understand why these things happen, there is no justification, » Agudelo added.

According to what the foundation has found, the poisoning is with a chemist who has no antidote, so only one pet has been saved. This is a pinscher who survived because its owners took her to Manizales to treat her.

Logan, described as a friend of all, was one of those who died from poisoning.

The concern of the community is that there are no answers about who is causing the poisoning. In addition, they say that four years ago something similar happened, but for that occasion there were 60 canines that were poisoned.

At the moment, the foundation is making the complaint process, as reported by Deputy Jessica Quiroz.

“From here we are advising you on the legal issue, indicating how the complaint should be made, the issue of witnesses and evidence, because they have gone to the police to show the cameras, but they say they are damaged, ”Quiroz said.

The deputy, whose flag is the defense of animals, said that one of the problems is that in the municipality there is no veterinarian who can handle these cases.

« The professionals there are responsible for other types of larger species and, in general in the department, there is a deficit in that attention, » he said.

We made awareness days, we fly, we explain that this is a crime and we invite the community to denounce, but it did not bear fruit

The municipal government secretary, Cristian Camilo Giraldo, said that measures have already been taken, but have not borne fruit.

“We made awareness days, we fly, we explain that this is a crime and we invite the community to denounce, but it did not bear fruit. He calmed down for a few days and again the deaths began to be seen, ”said the official.

The secretary said that they are waiting to make another meeting with animal activists to determine what other actions can be taken so that no more dead canines appear.

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