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Illescas distributes bottles with water and vinegar to clean the urine of dogs – Health Insurance





The City Hall of Illescas continues with the campaign that began on January 7 and is entitled: «I do fulfill my obligation. And you?». This is an awareness proposal aimed at dog owners so that clean the remains left by the urine with a mixture of water and vinegar. With this initiative it is facilitated that those who take their dogs for a walk keep the municipality clean «since it is a matter of respect for the rest of the citizens».

According to the Department of the Environment citizen complaints have been collected for the amount of street furniture and facades affected by the urine of pets. From this municipal department, what is expressed in article 54.4 of the Ordinance to Promote and Guarantee Citizen Coexistence in the public space of Illescas is recalled, when walking a dog, for hygiene and health, You have the obligation to collect your droppings and clean your urine from the tracks and public spaces.

Bottles distributed by the City Council with water and vinegar

The ultimate goal is to improve coexistence in the municipality. Thus, since last week, the owners of these pets are informed of this campaign and are given a reusable bottle so that, in addition to removing the excrement, they dilute the urine with mixtures of water and vinegar, baking soda or other products disinfectants Bottles (one per person) are collected in theCity Hall building located in the Market Square, 14. To participate in the campaign you must have the registration in Illescas and the dog must be registered in the municipal census of pets. In the case that it was not, it will be enough to present your canine passport (mandatory in Castilla-La Mancha), to register the animal in the census.

The campaign will also serve to update the municipal canine census hoping that the 8,000 copies that are estimated to reside in homes of Illescas, are duly registered.