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How your pet can influence your love relationship – Health Insurance

Those who have four-legged pets know the satisfaction of getting home and that these animals are waiting anxiously to provide a pet after a long day’s work. They not only give sweetieThey also know when you suffer, when you are happy or need company. However, one study has shown that to the huge list of Benefits which brings a dog at home, adds one more: strengthen the relationship as a couple. « The animals, specifically dogs, which imply greater responsibility, build a step prior to that commitment that exists in a relationship », he says Nayara Malnero, expert psychologist in couple therapies.

This study, carried out by, platform for pet sitters and walkers, has shown that having an animal friend strengthens the relationship of couples. According to the survey, 64% of Spanish couples say their relationship has been strengthened since they have dogs. In addition, 50% confirm that they spend more quality time together thanks to your partner. «Having a dog can be a previous step to having a child because we see how our partner is getting involved, how we share the tasks, how we commit ourselves. A dog is a small preliminary assessment that can be wonderful, and the couples that organize well for dog care are usually couples who organize well for other things, ”explains the psychologist.

Not all that glitters is gold

Not everything is sewing and singing and it can also be a litmus test for any relationship: it has been shown that having dogs at home has occasional contraindications … Apparently, one in ten people surveyed (10%) states that they have Less sex now that there is a new member in the family, especially because he shares a bed with them. «The dog sleeps with the owners or the dog replaces moments of intimacy. Rover allows us to have a dog, to take care of him, but not to take away certain moments of a couple. That quality time is reduced or that sexuality is reduced by having an animal at home is something we should not allow. It is important not to go from being a couple to being ‘daddy and mommy’ 24 hours a day, ”says Nayara Malnero, a couples expert.

What about millennials?

According to this study, 1 in 5 «millennials»(19%) have decided that their family should consist only of dogs and not children. Almost half say that having a pet means having a life together. In addition, they are the ones who decide to be « parents » before: one in four does so in the first year of relationship. «Millennials are deciding not having children but having a dog. This form of care can be reflected in something that is not as important dedication as a child, but dogs, ”says the couples psychologist. However, this is also source of conflict. Apparently, for millennials, having a pet can be a source of conflict. Almost a quarter of them (around 23%) confirm that their partners get jealous because they pay more attention to their dogs than to them. As they say, many of them « publish more photos of their dogs than their partners on social networks. »