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How to take care of your pet during this Christmas season? – Environment – Life – Health Insurance

Christmas nights, gunpowder, family gatherings, music until late at night, vacations, among others, are moments in which we ask ourselves: What to do with our pets? How to minimize the stress they may feel from the activities involved in this era? What should we do to make dogs and cats feel comfortable during this season?

The end of the year festivities are a time to spend with our loved ones, and as dogs and cats they are a fundamental part of our families, also dWe must think of them when planning the activities that are customary to perform by these dates. And it is precisely there where the key lies so that both they and we can enjoy the festivities and their company to the fullest.

Christmas pet friendly

Dogs and cats are curious by nature, and at this time that curiosity is increased by having Christmas ornaments, cables, lights and even food that are of color and striking shapes for them, become ideal elements for games that can be dangerous.

If you choose to please your child by giving him a pet, it should be clear that it is not an object and that it is a commitment of the whole family with rules and tasks.


one. Educate dogs and cats lovingly so that they do not approach Christmas decorations. It is important that they practice proper physical activity away from home and that within it they have their own toys that allow them to be distracted.

2. Protect the cables with covers, tape or try to place them under mats, behind furniture or in high places to avoid being bitten or can make our pets get tangled up when running in the house.

3. Ensure that Christmas decorations are made of resistant materials and that do not have sharp points or surfaces.

Four. Always be alert to the movements of our furry friends, and if you are away from home, disconnect the Christmas lights and hide any object with which they can harm themselves.

5. To prevent them from eating risky foods for their health such as chocolates, sweets or leftovers from Christmas dinners, we must maintain the normal diet and occasionally give them a snack as a reward for their good behavior. It is worth noting visitors that they should not give them food that is not part of the regular diet of our pets.

When traveling

If the idea is to travel and enjoy vacations in the company of our pet, Planning is indispensable. From the choice of the destination (that is pet friendly), until the means of transport must be previously evaluated.

It is necessary to take care of the health of pets this season.


one. Choose the destination very well: places that allow you to rest and that have adequate spaces to be free and have fun. It is also important to choose a suitable place to avoid setbacks due to excessive heat or cold.

two. Prepare our pet’s suitcase with the necessary items: containers for water and food, enough food, snacks, bed and blankets, scraper and muzzle, toys, toiletries, vaccination card, contact information plate and a small first aid kit in case of emergencies.

3. If the trip is by car or bus, the recommendation is that your pet travel in a guacal, with harness or scraper so that at the moment of a curve or a strong braking you are always safe.

Four. For air travel you should check in advance lThe prices and rules of each airline.

5. Before each trip, regardless of the medium, Ideally, the pet should have an empty stomach and always have water available.

And if it should stay …

When traveling in the company of our four-legged friend is not a viable option, A nursery or canine school is an excellent option.

Currently there are some that offer services for days, weeks or months and have the appropriate infrastructure for our pets to have a good time: forests, parks, games, swimming pools, walks, spa, etc.

Which nursery?

one. Seek suggestions from family, friends or our trusted veterinarian.

two. The ideal is to have several options in the sights and take the time to make a previous visit to know the facilities and the human team that will be with our dog or cat.

3. It is important that the school or nursery has a veterinary doctor available 24 hours a day.

In addition, keep up to date the vaccination card, emergency telephones and information about possible allergies of our furry.