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How to protect your dog in winter? – Health Insurance

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Are dogs cold? Should we take action when the cold winter comes? In the image and likeness of humans the dogs also suffer with the arrival of the low temperatures, although it does not affect them in the same way depending on race, age, coat and health status. Puppies, old age and small breeds They are those specimens who are most affected. Also, obviously to those who have short hair.

The low temperatures and the inclement weather of the winter season sometimes It is a problem for dogs. In the same way that humans take precautions, our pets should not be exempt from this care. With the exception of some breeds, most dogs suffer the consequences of winter just like their human colleagues.

So that winter affects both small and large to the smallest extent, we offer five tips to keep in mind:

A visit to the veterinarian

It is the first step to follow with the arrival of autumn. It is essential that the veterinarian perform a review of the dog to avoid any problem with falling temperatures, since in many cases these They lead to a fall in defenses.

While it is true that it is important to carry a control of vaccines throughout the year, In winter it is especially relevant since the cold can cause major health problems in many animals.

Do you need a coat?

It is important to know when a dog is suffering from low temperatures; Tremors are one of the easiest signs to detect in most races. Some need an extra coat layer that their own fur does not facilitate.

In the event that the dog spends most of the time outside the house it is important ensure that it is well protected, isolating it from moisture, The rain and the cold. But our advice is that in these times of cold it is inside the house.

On the walk

Should be avoid the hours when the cold is more intense, and in case it rains it is important to always have a raincoat on hand to prevent the dog from getting wet and suffering future hypothermias.


It is essential when preparing for winter, a nutritious, balanced and good quality diet It will prevent the dog from getting sick. We must also bear in mind that in winter many dogs decrease their activity and, in certain cases, their food must be adapted to this time of year.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of dry and wet feed They help our dogs to fight the cold in a delicious, attractive way and, most importantly, healthy.

Omega 3, the great ally

Edgard & Cooper proposes to fight the cold with a series of feed rich in Omega 3. Although many associate dog food only with meat, fish can be the great ally during winter, since it will provide them with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, in addition to an increase in their levels of Omega 3 amino acids in the body, so It will improve your joints, strengthen your immune system and will bring shine and health to your skin and fur.

Foods made with fish are easier to digest and lower cholesterol, since they are lower in saturated fat. For this same reason, they are also especially recommended for dogs that need to lose weight.

For the coolest

They exist in the market a wide range of mattresses, mattresses, cribs and ideal beds for animals who like to sleep stretched (literally on a loose leg) or also models to rest curled up. There are different shapes and textures, to adapt to any position and provide comfort and warmth at bedtime.

In these cold months, Cots are the best alternative to be picked up and also, its padded edge protects from air and cold. In Tiendaanimal you can find a wide variety (from € 29.95 approx) depending on the size. In you can find Riogoo. Is about an electric heating pad for dogs with automatic shutdown (€ 24.99 approx.).

We have another proposal with OneBarleycorn. Is about a thermal blanket for cats or dogs. Without electricity and batteries. (€ 12.99 approx.). Finally, there is the Toozey: Electric Blanket for Dogs and Cats Inside, Adjustable and with timer. It is ideal for puppies, newborns and elderly dogs. (€ 26.99 approx.).