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How to prevent our pets from going cold at low temperatures – Health Insurance

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They, like us, they also suffer the rigors of winter. Cats and dogs are cold and very sensitive to changes – especially sudden – of temperature. A Wamiz platform offers a series of tips to help our beloved pets. In the case of dogs, these are protected by a layer of hair and fat in which the skin acts as a thermal protector. Despite this « natural coat » even so it may not be enough and become your worst enemy since it can even make you sick.

In the case of catsthese they perceive the cold very similarly to that of humans. They are very cold and very sensitive to temperature changes. If you look at one, in winter they sleep more than usual and they are dedicated to look for the hottest places to hang out in the different areas of the house. In front of the radiator and even on the radiator, lying on a corner of the sofa or looking for human warmth in our own lap. In the winter season you have to take care of all pets; but especially to our mininos. In these it is necessary to differentiate the cats that develop their whole life inside the house from those that go out to the garden. In the case of « homemade cats, » they are fortunate to enjoy a much more pleasant temperature … but we must not lower our guard because in their search for a warm place they can burn and even suffer – due to dryness – of respiratory problems. Also if after being long time to heat go to a cool place They can catch a cold. For all this and without canceling his adventurous spirit, the best thing to do is to provide a suitable warm shelter; But not hot. For example, place your mat or basket in a place from which can take sunbaths, place a hot water bag or a thermal bag (without electrical connection). In Tiendanimal you can find Snuggle Safe with fleece coverage (€ 13.99 approx). It is a thermal pad indicated in addition to cats, dogs and small rodents. Heat quickly in the microwave and keeps your pet warm for up to 10 hours. It is not only used to lie down and be warm, but also to keep sick, older animals and puppies. There is also a nice as hot Trixie Minou Cat Cave (€ 15.49 approx.). A plush compartment for cats where you can rest comfortably and warmly.

To consider

If you live in an area where you reach temperatures below zero We must prevent the cat from going outside. It is important – they say from Wamiz – to have the windows closed to avoid drafts. That it is not cold is, most of the time, it is a matter of logic. In the event that your cat has an adventurous spirit, some aspects must be taken into account.

-The fur helps them fight the cold, but there are times when this may not be enough. Depending on the breed, an Egyptian cat – those known as Sphynx or Siamese will be much more sensitive to the inclinations of time than those of a common European.

-The cat will notice the cold and his natural response will be to run away from him to snuggle in some more comfortable place.

-There are some who say cats hate cold. That depends since if the pussy is used to living in cold areas and go outside to make his round, his tolerance will be much greater than that of the one who spends all his time at home. If yours is one of those who like excursions, we recommend that you provide shelter at the door of the house so you can protect yourself when the door is not yet open.

-Your activity evolves a lot throughout the year depending on the weather. The temperature is decisive in your energy needs, since it directly influences the flow and the amount of activity of the animal. If you leave less home, you will spend less energy.

-If he temperature change is considerableYou will need to eat more to maintain your body temperature. This means that the cold directly influences behavior and diet, which will require more attention at this time of year, to prevent weight gain if you are always at home and to avoid possible problems if you spend a lot of time away from home exposed to low temperatures. In addition, your immune system becomes somewhat more sensitive during winter.

-There are those who decide to put them – like dogs – winter clothes is something that cats don’t like.

-To have care and caution with fleas. At this time of the year they become dangerous, since they are attracted to the body heat of the animals, something that we will have to fight with some preventive treatment.