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Choking is, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the third cause of unnatural death in Spain with 3,090 over the last year. Only behind suicides (3,539) and deaths from accidental falls (3,143), first and second causes of external death, respectively. Although these types of episodes are more frequent, there are still many people who do not know how to act

As a general rule, choking resolves naturally. Every time a little liquid or a rest of food goes astray, the body begins to cough to clean the airways and avoid possible choking. However, there are several scenarios in which we have to proceed to the Heimlich maneuver to resolve the situation.

How to act in case of suffocation

To carry out this movement, we must surround the victim with arms below the waist. Once this is done, and after joining our hands over the mouth of the stomach, we will have to press considerably on the area up to five times. Thanks to this, the victim can expel the body and breathe again without problem.

Have you ever wondered how to act in case your pet is attracted? Just a few hours ago, the Civil Guard shared an image, through its Twitter account, through which it showed us the steps to follow in case of choking of our pet. Four simple steps that can save your dog or cat from suffocation.

The Heimlich maneuver for pets

First, turn your pet upside down as if it were a wheelbarrow. Next, explore the animal’s mouth from side to side to see if you can find the object in question. Once this is done, compress your abdomen by pressing it upwards with your fist. Finally, and to save the life of your friend, apply a strong blow between your shoulder blades. In this way, the animal will cough and push the stuck fragment out of its body.

In case the choking persists, Get in touch with the vet to help you solve the case. In fact, it is advisable to contact the specialist before proceeding to the maneuver to help you face the situation while traveling to your home. For that same reason, it is advisable to have a list with the telephone numbers and contacts of the nearest emergency veterinarians. A gesture, which will not require more than a few minutes, that could be key to saving the life of our partner.

In short, and if you have to face an episode of this caliber, we recommend that you keep calm and get in touch with the nearest emergency veterinarian. Once this is done, and after receiving the relevant instructions, proceed to perform the Heimlich maneuver for pets. A maneuver that can save lives.