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There are only a few days left until 2019 comes to an end. As every year, when the chimes end, and on December 31 passing to January 1, what will reign in the streets of Spain, beyond the laughter and the champagne corks flying, will be the roar of pyrotechnics. Something that is cause for concern in many houses with pets, especially where there are dogs. And it is that man’s best friend suffers a lot from the noise of firecrackers.

The actor Dani Rovira He wanted to raise his voice against the use of these explosives during Christmas. To do this, he has uploaded a video in his Twitter account in which you can watch your dog shaking in fear while the firecrackers sound in the background.

The video is accompanied by a comment in which Rovira expresses « I hope you never fear a loved one from your family. This is my Christmas in # Málaga every time I go down with my FAMILY ».

Many users of the social network have applauded the words of the Spanish actor and they have uploaded videos in which you can see your pets suffering from pyrotechnics.