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Having a pet helps to find a partner – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte




I have a dog; but also a cat (the latter to a lesser extent), promotes and creates social bonds. Wamiz has researched and analyzed the results of several scientific studies. All this has resulted in that owning a dog helps to have a more active social life. According to the data collected by the aforementioned portal, thanks to your dog, not less than 37% of their owners have had a romantic encounter. Another fact, 80% have met people in their neighborhood and 40% receive social and emotional support thanks to their company.

Although in 2018 a report made in the United States, showed that many people prefer to be with their pet sooner than to go to a party with their partner. Dogs – there are still many people who consider it crazy – in addition to faithful friends who are waiting anxiously behind the door, they also help us from reducing stress to minimizing a bad day.

Many of those who participated in this report confessed that their four-legged « colleagues » even they helped them overcome a break with your partner or alleviate the loss of a loved one … and that is that our friends dogs in most cases are psychologists and with one glance they know how to convey what we need.

Dogs are good listeners and silent confidants. As they say « they just need to talk. » Your company also helps improve fitness -and passing the state of health- of the one who takes him out for a walk. Having an animal and especially a dog makes us more active and, as a result, in addition to meeting people and enjoying their company, according to these data, our health also improves.

The owners exercise more: they walk their dog, play with him, do doga (yoga with dogs) and even participate in the increasingly popular in Spain: the canicross. In addition, physical activity among pet owners over 65 increases even 12%.

Its owners are more fit, since they walk an average of 30 more minutes a week that those who do not enjoy the company of a dog. There is a circumstance that this activity is sufficient to comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization to obtain important benefits.

Daily walk

Everyone who has a dog well knows that while walking your dog you can meet the neighbors, especially if they also have one; as well as meeting new people. Even a large number of owners have managed to find a partner thanks to their dog. We do not want to set aside cats because according to this study, the twenty% of cat owners had a «Special approach» thanks to her cute kitty.

They, so independent also in some circumstances, allow social connections. An example is the case in which a neighbor feeds another neighbor’s cat since the first one has left on the weekend.

Less stressed and happier

The data collected by Wamiz show that having a pet helps relieve anxiety and stress. 68% of older people feel better not only mentally; but also physically thanks to the company of your dog. Pets are an inexhaustible source of love. According to veterinarians consulted, when a person caresses their pet, they produce oxytocin. This allows them to be more relaxed and get a sense of well-being.

A study in France ensures that 40% of the owners surveyed have an animal not only because they like or keep them company; but also because thanks to them they feel less stressed. Finally, pet ownership helps us increase self-esteem. They make us feel accompanied and loved. They give us affection and give us comfort. It is not surprising that 62 percent of the owners say they have a pet because it makes them happier.