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Having a dog costs 1,250 euros a year – Health Insurance





Giving a dog is relatively easy, but keeping it not so much, especially for the pocket. And is that having a dog involves an average outlay of 1,250 euros per year, which translates into 105 euros per month, derived from the expenses of the veterinarian, food or hairdressing and hygiene, among other items, according to the analysis «My Pet in figures», Prepared by the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) on the occasion of the arrival of Christmas, the time of the year in which, for many, the star gift is a pet.

In fact, one in four Spaniards is considering giving a pet on these dates, according to data from the Affinity Foundation collected by the RSCE, which wants to raise awareness of the responsibilities and obligations, including economic ones, of having a dog. Not in vain, The third reason for abandoning these pets is the lack of purchasing power of the owners to assume the maintenance costs necessary to guarantee your well-being.

Specifically, taking a dog to the veterinarian, for periodic reviews, means an economic outlay of 200 euros on average per year, to which must be added extra visits for infections, breakages or diseases, which amount to about 100 euros per year of half. Further, you have to take into account periodic hygiene and the need to go to the hairdresser to cut your hair and keep it clean, cut the nails, etc., which translates into an average of 150 euros more per year.

Do not forget your diet, which must be adapted to the physical characteristics and the age of development of the dog, which is around 600 euros per year. Other additional expenses must also be taken into account, as training, education, residence or accessories It is also necessary to renew from time to time. These expenses are around 200 euros per year.

To all this we must add the initial cost of acquiring the « trousseau » of a dog (leashes, bed, feeders, etc.) at the time he arrives home, whose cost ranges between 200 and 350 euros. And, of course, the initial acquisition or disbursement price, which can range from zero euros for a gifted dog to an average of 750 euros for a puppy, through an average of 350 or 400 euros that must also be disbursed for adopting a dog

Therefore, when acquiring a dog, the RSCE insists on the importance of «throw numbers»To verify that it is an expense that the domestic economy can assume, for an average of 10 or 12 years and, regardless of how we want to acquire it, choose the dog that best suits our home, our family and lifestyle , both for their physical and personal characteristics.

The podium of the most popular dogs

The Royal Canine Society of Spain reminds that among the dogs that in all probability will be perfect candidates to become a Christmas gift are some of the pure breeds recognized for their marked personality, such as the German Shepherd, the Chihuahua or the Maltese Bichon, according to the Spanish Origins Book (LOE), where puppies born every year are registered.

The German Shepherd is still the breed dog par excellence and in which we Spaniards first think when we want to acquire or give away a pet, and not only in our country, but throughout the world. His personality and character make him the best companion dog: ideal for sports lovers since he is a very active animal, but with a personality suitable for the little ones or the elderly, since they have a very developed protective instinct.

However, the most demanded and gifted dogs on dates like Christmas they are those of races that adapt more to urban life, to apartments and mini-apartments that increasingly proliferate in our cities and adapt better to the pace of life of today’s families. Of all of them, the most desired are currently the Chihuahua thanks to its size, its personality and its ease of maintenance, followed by the Bichon Maltese which, to these characteristics, unites the attractiveness of its long, white and immaculate hair.

According to the president of the Royal Canine Society, Julián Hernández, «knowing our dog’s breed will make us provide adequate care so that he lives healthy and happy. Keeping a dog is something that must be valued very well before having one. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly, and less on these dates when we get carried away by the Christmas illusion, which is fleeting, and we do not notice that this companion animal is, forever and ever, a companion faithful and loyal to us who should not fail us ».

The Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) has been watching since 1911 for the welfare and conservation of the most precious animal for man and turns its efforts to ensure that, specifically, dog breeds, anthropological, cultural and historical heritage, continue to fulfill the essential work that they have always done in our society: as a companion animal, rescue, protection, prevention or guide, among other functions.