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Give pets a new opportunity | Pamplona Radio – Health Insurance

Some animals carry more than 4 years in the middle, which is always full. Igel Medrano, center manager shows concern because although they are well cared for, animals are not used to this new life: “In the center there are both dogs and cats that take more or less time. 99% come from households and as well as we attend them and give them all the necessary care, it is still a task to be in a center instead of in a home ”.

The Causes for these animals to end here they are varied: “Those who arrive because they have been lost leave quite soon because we usually locate their owners. Those who have been abandoned, their owners are also notified but there are cases in which they do not want to recover them and stay for adoption. Other reasons for arriving here are, for evictions or people entering prison, ”says Igel.

Sometimes it is not easy for many families to consider pet adoption, but a new formula, the reception: « Is a temporary period and it is for cases in which a file has been opened and it is necessary to wait for its resolution, and until then they cannot be taken for adoption, or animals that are more sensitive or have a specific problem, so it is urgent more than going to a house. ”

Taking advantage of the arrival of Christmas, from the center they call for all those to whom wise men They could bring a pet. First of it’s not a toy of using and throwing and that demands a responsibility and second that in the center they are open to find a home for these animals, which for 60 euros, vaccines included, they can give a lot of joy to adoptive families.