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French dogs trained to detect it – Insurance for dogs

With an unusual sense of smell, could dogs be able to detect the virus? We take stock!

It is well known that when trained, some dogs are able to detect certain people’s diseases, such as certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease or even malaria. Is it possible to train them to detect coronavirus? We tell you everything.

Dogs soon to be operational

A team of British scientists from the University of Durham and the London School of Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is currently carrying out tests according to the BBC. Doctor Claire Guest says that dogs would be able to help detect the virus and could be up and running in a matter of weeks.

In principle, we are sure that dogs could detect Covid-19. It would be quick, efficient and non-invasive.

Remember that every virus and every disease has a smell. Therefore, with their sense of smell developed and trained, dogs could help doctors detect patients, even those who have no symptoms.

In Corsica, dogs are trained to detect the virus

Following the English examples, France has encouraged dogs to be operational to detect the virus. Indeed, the covid-19 molecule gives off a particular odor. To train dogs, they must be sniffed with the sweat of infected people. This training takes time but the first results are very encouraging and the dogs could go to the field in the coming months. A great step forward!

An organization to set up

However, it should be remembered that dogs are not allowed in hospitals. Once they are operational, an organization will have to be put in place. They could therefore screen people in stations, airports and certain other public places in order to prevent the onset of the disease once the current situation is under control.

However, for those who are worried about animals, it should be remembered that even in contact with people who have the virus, dogs cannot transmit it to humans and are not carriers.

Rather reassuring news and we really need it.