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Free animal therapy for the elderly of Tres Cantos | BE North Madrid | Time 14 North Madrid – Health Insurance

In collaboration with the Yaracán Association, the municipality of Tres Cantos provides a free service of Assisted Animal Therapy (TAA) to the users of the Ballesol Residence Day Center.

The therapy dogs They accompany the elderly, providing an improvement in their quality of life and turning the activity into a positive experience. A project that began as a three-month pilot and that has become one of the most demanded activities of the center.
The Councilor for Family and Equality Sonia Lolo has explained in what areas they work with the elderly.

In addition, Social Services also offer the Family Respite Program (Saturdays from 4pm to 8pm) for caregivers and family who take care of the elderly in the Day Center, so that they can have free time for their hobbies and social life.