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Fourteen people have died in Spain from dog attacks since 2016 – Health Insurance




The death of a 47-year-old man this Sunday in Coslada (Madrid) victim of the attack of one of his dogs, a rottweiler, raises the number of people killed by that cause in Spain since 2016:

– May 4, 2016.- A man from 70 years dies attacked by his dog, pitbull terrier breed, in his house in the Murcian district of Beniaján.

– June 18, 2016.- A death dies four year old as a result of the injuries suffered by the attack of a dog in a house in Jaén.

– February 21, 2016.- The Civil Guard investigates the death of a 66-year-old man in the Alicante town of Beniarbeig produced, apparently, by the attack of five dangerous breed dogs, owned by a neighbor in the area.

– October 26, 2016.- A 74 year old man is attacked by several dogs (of the races Boxer and American Staffordshire Terrier) in Pinoso (Alicante) and dies on October 31 later. According to the investigation, the dogs escaped from a fenced plot and attacked and left badly wounded the man who at that time was in the vicinity.

– February 26, 2017.- Found dead a 67 year old man with dog bites on his body, on a road between Santa Marta de Tormes and Nuevo Naharros de Salamanca.

– April 18, 2017.- Found the body of a woman, in her chalet in El Molar (Madrid), who died as a result of the bites of his dog, a dog of canary prey.

– November 29, 2017.- A death dies 40 year old woman in La Palma after suffering the attack of a dog of pitbull breed of his property.

– January 4, 2018.- A 70-year-old neighbor of Vall d’Uixó (Castellón) He dies after being attacked, three days before, on his farm by a group of three to four dogs.

– July 11, 2018.- A death dies 87 year old man attacked, the day before, in the Asturian municipality of Siero, by six dogs owned by a neighbor he had visited.

– October 3, 2018.- A 20 day baby dies by the attack of a dog of breed Belgian shepherd in the municipal term of Fasnia (Tenerife).

– November 21, 2018.- Two 57 and 41 year old women –Mother and daughter– die in their chalet in Colmenar de Oreja when they are attacked by their two dogs, from the dog breed of Bordeaux.

– January 7, 2019.- A 81 year old man He died from injuries sustained on January 4 in Madrid by the attack of three dogs of the Rottweiler breed.

– September 29, 2019.- A 47-year-old man dies in the Madrid town of Coslada after being attacked by a rottweiler of his property. The victim, who had three guard dogs altogether, was inside the house when the attack occurred.