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Found sausages with pins, such as dog traps, in Salamanca – Health Insurance





The City Hall of Salamanca already investigates, through the Local Police, the case of sausages with pins inside, such as dog traps, which in recent days have been found in the Brick Bridge area of the city and that they have in vilo to the owners of these pets.

As pointed out by the Councilor for Family and Equal Opportunities, Ana Suárez Otero, who is responsible for the Animal Welfare Office of the capital charra, “it is a timely case, but it implies an act of abuse»Than the Consistory « Will not allow. »

«From the Animal Welfare Office we will work tirelessly against all acts of animal abuse that occur in the city. further, the guilty will be put in the hands of justice », has apostilladom reports Ep.

The well-known event of sausages with pins occurred on Wednesday morning on the streets New Zealand and Sumatra from the Brick Bridge area, a type of trap that if ingested by dogs could cause serious problems.

After the complaint and once the Local Police has taken charge of the investigation, the Consistory has asked «tranquility to all people who own a dog », in addition to indicating that if they find any suspicion of traps, immediately notify the Local Police.