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Firefighters rescue two dogs from a well between vineyards in Villafranca del Bierzo | Radio Bierzo – Health Insurance

The personnel of the Ponferrada fire brigade received a call that alerted the two animals to a well of about 25 meters deep located between some vineyards of Villafranca del Bierzo. Arrived at the place, accompanied by the hunters, they verified that the well, in whose interior there was water, had only about 7 meters. They installed a hoist and, using ropes and harnesses, they managed to get the dogs safe and sound. The Councilor for Security of Ponferrada, José Antonio Cartón, recalls that a couple of months ago firefighters staged a similar rescue of a well of an old mine in Torre del Bierzo, for what he has done a call to all landowners where there may be abandoned wells to take action, since the owners are responsible for any dangerous situation they may generate.

Ponferrada firefighters They also intervened on Sunday afternoon in the fire declared on a roof of a building in the town of Igüeña. Upon arrival, the neighbors and the town’s own mayor, Alider Presa, had already managed to extinguish the fire, so it was only necessary to remove some slabs from the roof, cool it and place a tarp to avoid leaks. Once again, it is suspected that the origin of the fire was in the chimney heating