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Elda has a new police dog, Jhari | Radio Elda | Present – Health Insurance

The Canine Unit of the Local Police of Elda has a new agent. Jhari, a four-year Border Collie, arrives from Novelda with his care agent to be part of the workforce. A dog that is giving very good results in terms of detection of narcotic substances and that will be a reinforcement for this unit that was born in 2016.

Jhari will work for a few months with Wolf, the German shepherd of almost eight years who soon will retire since it is being denoted by its owner, agent José Francisco Martínez, the loss of some powers.

For the session this Canine Unit is essential. The Councilor for Citizen Security, Enrique Quilez said that Lobo has done a great job of deterrence and especially of prevention on the possession of narcotic substances in the actions that have been carried out in parks and gardens as well as toxic controls.

The Elda Town HallIt is developing a plan in which they will also extend the presence of dogs in the local educational centers in order to ensure that retail sales cannot be produced nearby and consumption is avoided.

The incorporation of Jhari presumably will take place on next month. Now the town hall is carrying out the administrative procedures so that this dog already belongs to the town.

The new can will share unity with Lobo until he retires in about half a year.