Insurance for Dogs

Edition Saint Dié | Diary of an epidemic, day 47: All responsible – Insurance for dogs

Saturday May 2. Small press review in the morning. A book written by David Quammen, a science journalist, catches my attention: “Overflows. Animal infections and the next human pandemic ”. A book published in… 2013. Reading this title, I remember the thought, out of place, of a man with dyed hair with a pronounced accent. « It comes from China! »  » China, bat, pangolin? Easier to point fingers rather than questioning our own responsibilities. In short. David Quammen says that « there are responsibilities to spare. » These « zoonoses » – infectious diseases of vertebrate animals transmissible to humans – since the beginning of the XXe century, we have seen the appearance of more and more, HIV, avian flu, Ebola for the most recent. This is nothing new, measles, smallpox, mumps had been transmitted to us by the cow in their time. But for these virulent viruses, transmission would be via non-domesticated animals which « take advantage of the situation ». Deforestation, the multiplication of production activities in tropical areas in particular, this bringing together of humans in areas that were « reserved » for them, favor our contamination. These rats, mosquitoes, bats also use “relay species” to do this: dog, cat, cow, pig, animals that we have domesticated. « These species meet when they shouldn’t, » said the journalist. Aggravating factor, « is that we can now travel the world in a matter of hours, » spreading rapidly. Air traffic has multiplied by 7 in 40 years, the population: from 4 to 7 billion people.  » Diseases spread at high speed. Solutions: go towards more sobriety in our consumption patterns, rethink our production methods in agriculture and favor short circuits, favor local exchanges. We are all responsible. Could we think about it now?