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Dogs that save lives and those who are looking for a decent retirement | BE Toledo | Toledo today – Health Insurance

They are part of the State Security Forces and Bodies, help national, local, military, firefighters … It is a very special companions: perretes. For years they perform essential tasks such as rescuing people, fighting drugs or searching for explosives.

Years ago, a group of police a question was asked and the answer they found did not convince them especially What happens to these dogs when they retire from public service? That is why they decided to create the NGO ‘Heroes of 4 Legs’ to give them a decent retirement. In Toledo he has several collaborators.

They work an average of 8 years

In ‘Hoy por Hoy Toledo’ we have talked with Rosa Chamorro, president of this association, who reminded us that ‘Heroes of 4 Legs’ was born in 2015, since then they have materialized more than 200 adoptions. In addition, it has reminded us that the average working time of these dogs is usually 7-8 years. In many occasions they are their own companions of State Security Forces and Bodies those who stay with them.

We have also talked with Miguel Fernandez, volunteer and adopter of the association. Ensures that these dogs tend to adapt very well to their new environments, although guidelines are always given to adoptive families. In any case these adoptions end successfully in the vast majority of cases.

In addition, both have launched a message in this Christmas context, which is don’t buy a puppy and if you adopt. And it is that at this time puppies are usually bought as a gift, without thinking about the responsibility that entails. If we decide to have a pet, there is no need to buy, there are many doggies that are waiting for adoption.

Celebrities who collaborate

With ‘Heroes of 4 Legs’ collaborate characters as well known as Mario Vaquerizo, Sara Baras, Faemino and Tired, Chicote or Jordi Sánchez, among many others.

Precisely, next January 8 they will celebrate a solidarity gala in the room ‘Galileo Galilei’ in Madrid with the musician, Pancho Varona and the humorist, J.J. Cowboy. Listen to the interview

We know the NGO that gives a dignified withdrawal to the dogs of the State Security Forces and Bodies